ROMA - Saturday July 23rd 2011
MEET IN TOWN - Auditorium Parco della Musica
ABOUT A SILENT WAY - tribute to Miles DaviS - Live

Martux_m - electronics
Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet, electric trumpet and flugelhorn
Franco Piccini - piano, rhodes, electronics
Francis Bearzatti - saxophone and electric saxophone
Aldo Vigorito - acoustic bass
Enzo Varriale (Lanvideosource) - live visuals

“I have to keep changing, it’s like a curse.”
Miles Davis

Nearly twenty years have passed since the death of Miles Davis, and forty since the release of one of his most important masterpieces: “ In A Silent Way”.

We have produced this new concept not so much as a commemoration of his life but to celebrate his essence: a force for change.
“About In A Silent Way”, is anti-memory, a rhizome, a process.
With “In A Silent Way” Davis took the leap, distancing himself in a decided way from acoustic and traditional jazz.
Davis loved the music of Jimi Hendrix, the sound of James Brown; and his vague and dream-like resonances in “In A Silent Way” came to be defined as tripping music.
What would Davis be playing today? And with whom? What other aesthetics would he have dreamed up? One thing is certain and that is that Davis, throughout his artistic journey, tried to probe every accepted thought.
The quality of a work of art depends on the trajectory that it describes in the cultural scenery, from its capacity to make connections, to create a crossing with the contemporary.
Today, in “About in a Silent Way” we take up the challenge to emotionally concatenate with Davis in looking for a new world, because to us his work is like a multiple cultural process, an infinite palimpsest, a moving place of production, an art that doesn’t die out in its own interpretation, but multiplies itself in limitless other languages within its own language.
To think current, that is the thrust.
Today, with “About”, we aim to build a bridge between different generations of “About” and “In A Silent Way”, to propose a sound-climate for our time, to examine ourselves on the crossover zone between jazz and electronic, where before us Davis courageously found a form of jazz for the future.