IMAGINE - dal 3 Giugno 2013 in Distribuzione

Ecco il nuovo disco della Parco della Musica Records! Si chiama "Imagine" l'ultimo lavoro della MARTUX_m Crew, nato dalla collaborazione con Fabrizio Bosso, Francesco Bearzatti e Eivind Aarset
Dal 3 giugno in tutti i negozi di dischi e alla libreria Notebook dell' Auditorium Parco della Musica - Roma

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After the project on Miles Davis with the album "About a Silent Way" in 2009, that put the group in the spotlight as one of the bands that most characterize the Italian new jazz generation, the new album “Imagine”, tribute to John Lennon (once again for the Parco della Musica Records) is not, as MARTUX_m puts it, “a cover version of what’s probably the most famous rock song composed by John Lennon, but an album of sounds creatively based on the lyrics of one song”.
In this new disco graphic work, MARTUX_m (stage name of the composer, producer, percussionist, electronic player and sound designer Maurizio Martusciello), versatile and polychromatic artist, presents himself under the name of his Crew, solid work group since 2010 that has been brought together along with Zeno aka Enzo Varriale and Kocleo aka Gianpasquale Rina, “a collective”, as Martux loves to call it, that is more and more becoming a guarantee for new sounds, and that already has
prestigious national and international recordings and collaborations under its belt such as Danilo Rea, Arto Lindsay, Markus Stockhausen.

Coming from a reflection on conflicts and human tragedies, “Imagine” is an album conceived as a praise to imagination and act of love towards one of the highest hymns of peace of the passed century. In Martux’s words: «About a year ago I was following on TV the unfolding of yet another tragedy in the sea that washes the shores of Lampedusa. A ghastly conflict was taking place on that horizon. The marvels of nature were bringing a human tragedy to the surface. Scattered across the sea-waves were the lifeless bodies of men, women, children and elderly people who had dreamed of a different future but had been left without a chance.
I felt the need to listen to Lennon's song, to the power of his words and music. I felt the need for some hope. It no longer seemed like a song to me, as much as a mantra, a magic hymn to peace. The horror of those images, far from marking the failure of Imagine's utopia, stressed the certainty that if it had sprung from the deep feelings of a man, not a god, then it must exist as an essence and hope for salvation in all human beings.».

The line up of the exceptional quartet of ‘Imagine’, which at its debut in 2009 had already gained the front cover of the renown magazine Musica Jazz, remains more or less steady: the trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, among the most known and shining stars of international jazz, saxophone player Francesco Bearzatti, nominated by the Académie du Jazz Francais as best European musician 2011, the guitar player Eivind Aarset, great protagonist of the nu-jazz of north European matrix.

As Filippo Bianchi writes in the liner notes: «In an age such as ours, which is far less devoted to creativity than the one in which Lennon composed his masterpiece, grasping and reviving that spirit is a most timely operation. It reminds us that if we ignore imagination, the future will be nothing but a dreary repetition of the past.
The most striking point of contact between this quartet and Lennon's original assumption lies in the ability to share one's inspiration and knowledge, and to shape music as it is composed, without any safeguards – which would constitute a limit – by turning the musicians' different backgrounds into a point of strength: Fabrizio Bosso's lyrical muted trumpet takes on the acid colours of martux_m, while Francesco Bearzatti's broken phrasing loses itself in Eivind Aarset's Nordic soundscape.
The imagination of each of the four members is turned to the service not of their own egos, but of a collective mode of creation, in which all structures spontaneously emerge and dissolve and the musicians jointly head in one direction only to then suddenly scatter – like a flock of birds weaving their wonderful patterns among the clouds, the very same clouds we find on the back cover of... Imagine.».

To enrich even more an already precious result, the cover photo, oeuvre of Marco Schifano, that summarizes in one sole glance the poetry behind the project.