The Suspended Gesture

Fashion dialogues with art. Art bows to the extraordinary creativity of fashion designer Roberto Capucci, in the form of the interactive installation by artist Maurizio Martusciello aka Martux_M.
The Suspended Gesture is an audiovisual installation that explores the topic of metamorphosis: the digital generation of zoomorphic figures born out of details of Roberto Capucci’s “dress/sculpture”.
Dress/Bodies, shapes and sounds are suspended in space in an everlasting transmutation and dialogue with the vistors in the form of sound, movement and gesture. Six light and sound sculptures interact dynamically with the surrounding setting – a tension born out of the relationship between perception and form.
An interactive sensors system links the Dress/Bodies to the visitors’ movement as they near each panel: the shapes come into life each time someone enters their sensory field.
The work stands as a metaphor for Art itself, which comes into life only when someone enters its realm.