X-Scape 08

Audio/Video Multi-screen Istallation

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X-Scape 08 is an installation which allows the exploration of mixed sensorial experiences where the visual and audio senses are brought together and combined in different perceptions. The sense of porous skin. Grids from which further filamentous mutations emanate; difficult to classify or perceive using classical frameworks to identify them. Trans-graphic and Transsonic representations are transfigured into a grid-like rhythm and through this process, both the visible and invisible fluxes take on a certain form as if the traditional dualism (linking the opposites of material and immaterial) are suddenly bypassed as being considered futile. A corporeal battle of energies united only by light, by space and by emptiness. Sensations which vibrate, cloven open-wide.
This installation aims to give life to different universes which are neither virtual nor real but possible, as an aesthetic category, “possible” is indefinable unless sensation is also attributed. Thus, meaning can be found in X-Scape 08, produced in collaboration with Enzo Varriale, where “X” which is not only the matrix to (exscape) but also a cross road or interconnection; a labyrinth to be followed and to be penetrated in oblivion or intentionally ignoring what we might find altered beyond.Perhaps the alteration of our astonishment.

A tribute to Massimo Canevacci and Gilles Deleuze

Download press presentation of installation in pdf > here

Official premiere at the digital art exhibition DIGITAL LIFE
MACRO (museum of contamporary art of Rome)
Rome, march to may 2010

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